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International Property - a solid investment?

“May you live in interesting times”, so goes the supposed Chinese anti-proverb. The implication being that ‘interesting’ is the direct opposite of stable, harmonious and peaceful. 
And indeed these are interesting times. Political upsets on both sides of the Atlantic have rocked stock markets and funds. Meanwhile disputes in the Middle East and the emergence of US shale have led to fluctuations in global energy prices, with knock on effects for domestic economies around the world. And with enquiries ongoing into possible ties between President Trump and the Russian state, and Brexit negotiations about to begin in earnest in Europe and the UK, the uncertainty shows no signs of abating. Elsewhere, tensions continue to rise in the Middle East as both the Saudis and Iran accuse each other of being the weak link in the fight against global terrorism.
Another often misattributed piece of Chinese wisdom however states that crisis and opportunity are but two sides of the same coin. So, where do…


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