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Private Banking - Alternative Investments – Mitigating Risk


The Luxury Property Show London 14-15 Oct

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Property Investing – mitigating risk

Since the crash of 2008, property has been the asset of choice for investors looking to make returns. Regardless of stock market turbulence and currency crises, the value of property, and the returns available for investors, have been on an upward trajectory. For everybody from international real estate investors, to retirees investing in buy-to-let as a pension alternative, property has been the goose that lays the golden egg.

A recent report issued by MSCI highlights the potential rewards investors can reap from property investment. Their data shows that US commercial property funds in 2015 grew a staggering 15.6% according to the PREA/IPD US Quarterly Property Fund Index1. Even more remarkably, investments in US commercial property have seen a cumulative return of 129% over the past six years.

Despite the good news however, there are downsides that need to be considered before investing in property. Property for example requires regular maintenance – and while on the …